10 Tiny Tattoo Ideas That Prove Bigger Isn’t Always Better


10 Tiny Tattoo Ideas That Prove Bigger Isn’t Always Better

There’s no way we’re the only ones who are totally on the fence about tattoos. On one hand, ouch! Is it worth the pain? On the other hand, isn’t that pain worth it if you get to have a beautiful tattoo for life?

But, what if you end up hating it? What would you even get? Where would you even get it? So. Many. Options. Recently, people have been swaying towards tiny tattoos instead of a big design. This actually makes perfect sense.

If you’re scared of commitment, pain, and not liking the tattoo, then look no further- the tiny tattoo could be perfect for you. Carry on reading for our list of 10 tiny tattoo ideas that prove bigger isn’t always better.

lowers On Your Fingers

This tiny tattoo is so adorable! What better way to show your love of nature than with a cute little fine line flower. With so many flowers to choose from, you can actually make this tiny tattoo really unique to you. You could get colour or black and white.

Plus, the placement on the side of your finger is actually genius, because it’s kind of hidden until people get close to you, but you get to see it every time you look down. We’re 100 percent booking our next appointment for this!

Friends Forever

Okay, we know Hailey Bieber’s “Pray” tattoo isn’t a matching one, it’s on her own hands, but we kinda fell in love with the idea of getting a tattoo that only makes sense when paired with your bestie’s. What better way is there to celebrate your friendship? But if this is a little too friendship necklace-like for you, then maybe you and your girlfriends should get ones that still match, like a sun and moon, but will make sense when you’re not with each other. Either way, we totally love the vibe of this one! And if you ever stop being friends, at least it’s a tiny tattoo!

Fire On Your Hip

The best thing about tiny tattoos is that they’re easily hidden away if they need to be. That’s why this placement on the hip is so clever! You don’t need to worry about covering it up for a professional situation, but it will look super cute when you’re lounging by the pool in your bikini! And why not get something bold like fire to show off your fiery personality? We love this one so much!

Signature On Your Arm 

The credit goes to Kylie Jenner for this tiny tattoo she got in red ink of her grandmother’s signature! There are so many reasons why we love this. First, how adorable is this dedication to her grandmother-something she definitely won’t regret getting inked. Secondly, how gorgeous is this red ink?

It’s a great way to have a colourful tattoo that doesn’t have to be big! If you want to pay tribute to a loved one, something like this should be top of your list!

Butterfly On The Ankle

We love wildlife, and again, this is a great way to show it! This super cute butterfly will barely be seen by anyone, but you still get to enjoy it in all its glory as it sits on your ankle. Butterflies can symbolise freedom, transformation, and change. With a beautiful meaning like this, why wouldn’t you want this tiny tattoo of a butterfly?

Girl Power!

The Spice Girls will definitely be jealous of this one! Feminism is making serious waves right now, and what better way to show your support for equality than to get a tattoo dedicated to the cause! This will look gorgeous anywhere on your body! Girl Power Forever!

Be Happy!

We are all about the positivity here at Thefashionistablog, and what better way to remind ourselves than with a tattoo? This cute ink serves as a permanent reminder to stay positive!

Horoscope Constellation

This one is so gorgeous! If you’re a big believer in astrology, then the constellation of your star sign might just be the perfect tiny tattoo for you!

Heart On Wrist

This tiny tattoo of a heart is so simple but so cute! We love this one!


This is the best way to show off your love of travel and satisfy your wanderlust for a while before you jet off to your next location!

Have you found the inspiration for your next tiny tattoo? Let us know in the comments!


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