50+ Amazing Queen Of Spades Tattoo Designs You Need To See!


50+ Amazing Queen Of Spades Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

If Queen of Spades was an actual person, she would be intuitive, wise and the disciplinarian of the bunch! Whether it’s just the symbol or the entire card design, a Queen of Spades tattoo looks interesting! Thinking of getting one yourself? You’re reading the right article! Check out our list of 50+ Queen of Spades tattoos down below! 

What does a Queen of Spades symbolize?

Those who believe in cartomancy think the Spade Queen card represents intelligence and logic, a woman that thinks before she acts! Do you believe your destiny can be read from cards? However, in card playing games, the Queen of Cards doesn’t have a nice connotation. In a game of Hearts, this card is considered unlucky! In the Old Maid card game, this black queen card has no partner, making it ‘the old maid’. Now that’s rude!

What does the Queen of Spades tattoo mean?

Consider yourself warned! There exists a subculture of white women who tattoo a Queen of Spades symbol with the black letter Q to signify their sexuall preference for African-American men. Some even go that far to make it a cult-like way and talk about the search for light related to this. Crazy, right?

What does Ace of Spades mean sexually?

On the other side of the spectrum, apparently the Ace of Spades symbol is linked to asexuality. Those who consider themselves a part of this community use the Ace of Spades to express they are not romantic and not looking for anything physical. We all have our preferences and you should respect them! But generally, an Ace of Spades is a valuable card in many games and bringer of good luck! Keep in mind that this image was used for bad purposes in the Vietnam war!


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