20 Simple Dandelion Nail Designs


20 Simple Dandelion Nail Designs

As we all know, dandelions are deeply favored by artists for their meanings. Their delicate petals and seeds that are flying away with the wind can definitely draw people’s imagination. In general, dandelions stand for purity, vitality and life. So it would be great to paint dandelions on the nails for women. Today, let’s take a look at 20 simple dandelion nail designs in this post and hope you will like them!

If you want to create a dandelion nail design on your own, then you should prepare a few tools like nail polishes of your favorite colors, small brushes and dandelion patterns. The first try won’t go easy and you may need some patience and practice. With all your efforts, you will be satisfied with the outcome and your beautiful dandelion nails are certainly to stand out in the crowd.


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