32 Hamsa Tattoos: Trending Ideas, Symbolism & Meaning


32 Hamsa Tattoos: Trending Ideas, Symbolism & Meaning

Hamsa tattoos are super creative designs that you will enjoy, especially if you are a spiritual person! Looking for your next new tattoo? If that is the case, find your tattoo down below, and let us know of your favorite must-have masterpiece!

What Does A Hamsa Tattoo Symbolize?

Hamsa tattoo is also known as the ”evil eye”. This symbol has been around for ages & centuries. Hamsa tattoos symbolize the well-known concept, the ”Hand of God”, which is overall thought that it can bring happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

Where To Place Hamsa Tattoos?

The placement which you may find the most appealing & practical might be around your arm, hence the translation ”the hand of God”. You can also place this tattoo over your neck, back & chest. If you’re looking for a larger design, you will enjoy the thigh placement the most.

Who Will Enjoy This Design The Most?

Both genders can go for this print. There are no specific rules, but it would be nice if you were a firm believer of destiny, good & bad luck, as well as protection from evil spirits. As long as you can rock a larger, meaningful & spiritual creative tattoo, you’re going to enjoy this one!

Black & White Hamsa Tattoos

Small Hamsa Tattoos

Big & Colorful Hamsa Tattoos

New Creative Tattoo Time

Are you ready to give it a go with your new tattoo? Let us know which design you can’t wait to rock soon, we would love to know!


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