35 Meaningful Tiger Eyes Tattoo Design Ideas


35 Meaningful Tiger Eyes Tattoo Design Ideas (Hungry for Lust and Power)

Tiger Eye Tattoo Meaning

Tigers are known to be the lords of the jungle; they are strong and powerful but also majestic and graceful. Their character represents basic, primitive animal instincts that all animals and, therefore, humans have. They live in the wilderness, without inhibitions, untamable and wild. Some of the main characteristics tigers represent are dominance, protection, royalty, and passion.

There are many types of tiger tattoos out there, like tribal tattoos, where the tiger is inked by combining different geometrical shapes together. Baby tiger tattoos are famous for their innocence and fragility representation. At the same time, butterfly tiger tattoos represent the combination of both the fragility, one of a butterfly, and the power of a tiger. They are the epitome of contrast and a representation of 2 characters in one body.

Mythology And Cultural Beliefs

It is believed that the tiger originated in China; therefore, there are many references to tigers in Chinese culture. One thing they all have in common is the flaming symbol of power. In Chinese culture, tigers are known to be protectors of dead souls. They protect them from evil spirits and let them rest in peace.

s for the mythology, tigers are linked to the Chinese God of Wealth, Tsai Shen Yeh. While in India, tigers are connected to the Goddess of war, Durga. The Chinese tiger tattoos are usually blue in color since they are believed to represent spring’s totem and the Earth as an element.

In Korean culture, a tiger is a guardian that fights evil spirits and brings good luck and courage.

In India, tigers often symbolize destruction since we have proof of tigers eating humans in the past. Although it is not quite in the past and can happen on infrequent occasions, it’s almost always provoked by a human threatening animal’s territory.

The Meaning Of Tiger Eyes Tattoos

Tiger eyes tattoo became very popular in the eighties thanks to a very well know song by Survivor. It represents the last thing the prey will see before their death, tigers’ eyes.

Eyes are known to be the mirror of souls. Tigers’ eyes represent the great qualities for whom everyone celebrates them. They symbolize patience when watching a pray, focus when keeping an eye on it, and determination to kill it.

Tiger eyes tattoo represents primitive desires. The eyes are the ones representing the tiger in his natural state, hungry, ready to kill, and lethal.

His eyes are the best reflection of his mental power.

There are many places you can ink your tiger eyes tattoo, but the most commonplace is the forearm. The tiger eyes tattoo is often black and white, without any particular colors. We also see a lot of blue-eyed, orange-eyed, or heterochromia-eyed tiger tattoos. All of them have a unique significance of their own.

Another popular type for this tattoo design is half human, half tiger eyes. It represents the beast inside all of us, our typical primitive desires and instincts. It also means a contrast between masculinity and femininity.

Popular Tiger Eyes Tattoo Design Ideas

Tiger Eye Tattoo: Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

It depends on the design of the tattoo you want. The giant tattoo, the more expensive it is. Tattoo costs can also vary depending on the use of color (whether the tattoo will be black, grey, a combination of black and white, or will there be colors). It’s important not to skim on the price if it’s going to affect the outlook of your tattoo or if it’s going to cause infection.

Will It Hurt?

This depends mainly on the part of the body you’re choosing to tattoo. Tattoos do hurt a bit, but since pain is relative, you will have people telling you it hurts a lot and others describing it as tingling. You can use numbing creams to help with the pain. Ribs, spine, fingers, and shin are the most painful tattoo spots in general.

Can I Get A Tattoo If I’m Sick?

It’s best to wait to get a tattoo if you’re sick. In order for your skin to heal, you will need your immunity to work. Take the time to think over the design and get it the moment you’re feeling better! Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot get a tattoo, and people have severe allergies to the tattoo ink.


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