35 Ouroboros Tattoo: Trending Ideas, Symbolism and Meaning


Ouroboros Tattoo: Trending Ideas, Symbolism and Meaning

Thinking of your new and extravagant ouroboros tattoo? Not too sure what to go for? If you’re open to suggestions and you’re intrigued by some cool ideas and concepts, keep on reading! We will talk about the ouroboros tattoo down below, which is an intriguing element and a concept that will suit men and women.

1. What Does Ouroboros Symbolize?

Ouroboros is a symbol of a serpent that was popular in ancient Egypt and Greece. This tattoo represents a snake that has its tail in its mouth, continually devouring itself and being reborn. This tattoo just shows that you can adapt to any new situation and that you can come out as a winner from it while being spiritually reborn!

2. Who Can Go For This Design?

Both men and women can go for this tattoo and its unique concept. If you’re interested in rocking a unique snake-like pattern that has a deeper meaning, as well as that warrior or tribal vibe to the design, you’re going to like this concept and this unique tattoo.

3. What Is The Best Placement For This Tattoo?

Placements can vary based on your preference and your unique personality. Some people prefer to place this tattoo over their wrist or their leg. You can also go for this snake pattern across your back or your chest if you like bigger tattoos. The final design and outcome is entirely based on you and your liking.

4. How Much Are Ouroboros Tattoos?

The price can vary depending on your chosen size and the color of your tattoo. Most tattoo artists will charge around $150 for a smaller black and white tattoo. Bigger designs, as well as colorful tattoos, can go for up to $500. Make sure that you find a tattoo artist who is within your preferred budget.

Experiment With Your Tattoo!

All of these tattoos can be a fun concept and an amazing print for you to go for. Let us know which design is your favorite from the list, as well as where you plan on placing it – we can’t wait to see you rocking it!


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