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41 Gorgeous Butterfly Haircut Ideas to See Before You Try

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41 Gorgeous Butterfly Haircut Ideas to See Before You Try

If you’ve been considering the trendy butterfly haircut, you might be curious about how it would complement your unique hair type and face shape. Cori McCann, an experienced stylist, generously shares her expertise and insights in this interview, providing valuable guidance. She discusses tailoring the haircut to different hair textures and thicknesses, as well as addressing various face shapes. Additionally, Cori offers styling tips and recommends products suitable for different lifestyle preferences.

Customizing for Different Hair Types

Many online photos showcase a specific hair length and texture, often favoring longer hair with straight texture. However, the butterfly cut can certainly be adapted to different lengths and textures. As a stylist, it’s crucial to tailor the haircut to suit the client’s current hair and lifestyle.

McCann suggests that a few modifications can make the butterfly cut suitable for various hair lengths and textures. This may include adjusting the layering length to accommodate the client’s hair length. Therefore, if you’re interested in this haircut, it’s important to have an open conversation with your stylist to discuss how to personalize it according to your specific hair and preferences.

Considerations for Different Face Shapes

The butterfly cut, akin to the shag, employs a layering technique that can enhance bone structure. Its adaptable nature enables stylists to tailor the layering points, making it suitable for all face shapes. McCann likens this process to using makeup or color techniques to highlight or contour bone structure. Just as makeup enhances facial features, haircuts, and color can achieve a similar effect.

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McCann recommends concentrating the layering points at the cheekbones or jawline to accentuate your natural bone structure. The placement of layering impacts how your hair frames your face. For example, starting the layering at the cheekbones results in a few pieces framing your face when you pull your hair back, while beginning at the jawline allows you to tuck your hair behind your ears without any strands escaping around your face.

Styling Tips and Tricks

Styling plays a crucial role in achieving the desired look with the butterfly cut. While the shape of the cut will be present regardless of styling, it won’t have the same impact without proper styling techniques. McCann recommends a specific styling method to enhance the sweeping layers resembling butterfly wings.

To style the butterfly cut, section your hair into a mohawk section along your part. Using either a blowdryer and round brush or a large barrel curling iron, direct each subsection up and away from your face. As you work your way backward, pin each section up, allowing the hair time to cool and set. By directing the hair backward and setting it, you create volume at the root and isolate the layers, making them more prominent in the finished style.

When it comes to product recommendations, McCann suggests different options depending on your hair type. For fine hair, a lightweight mousse like Neuma’s Neu Styling Mousse can provide volume and hold. Clients with naturally textured or thick hair may benefit from R&Co’s High Dive, which helps smooth and add shine. Regardless of hair texture or density, McCann highly recommends Neuma’s NeuMoisture Instant Fix as a foundation for any hair type. This product not only has essential styling benefits but also provides heat protection to keep your hair healthy, no matter how you choose to style it.

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