50 Bird Tattoos for Women


50 Bird Tattoos for Women

Birds are the very embodiment of nature and they possess a range of distinct qualities that we humans aspire to have and/or portray to the world. Humanity’s love for birds has been on since time immemorial and it’s even more manifest today.

It’s not uncommon to find someone with a bird-inspired tattoo on the shoulder, arm, back, neck or even thigh, and each bird tattoo design does symbolize a certain human value or trait.

What Makes Bird Tattoos for Women Popular

When walking on the streets or searching online for tattoo designs, chances are, you’ll bump into many women with bird-inspired tattoos. But why is that? It’s because most bird tattoos are delicate, very attractive and bring out certain specific traits inherent to women.

Regardless of how tiny it is or where it’s placed, a typical bird tattoo on a woman will always inspire a great deal of beauty and attraction. However, the tattoo, in its very design, may symbolize freedom, nobility, beauty, love or elegance.

Many women also fall in love with bird tattoo designs because most of them tend to be minimalistic yet deep in terms of meaning. With a plethora of bird species in this planet, all with different traits, one can never lack ideas on which bird to have tattooed on the skin. And that’s what has inspired many women to get bird tattoos on their bodies.

Bird Tattoo Interpretations

The meaning of any bird tattoo is largely defined by a bird’s species, its personality traits and the design the wearer chooses to adopt. Any given tattoo design is basically meant to bring out one’s personality or attitude. While some bird tattoo designs may be spiritual, others may come out as philosophical. It all comes down to the artist’s or wearer’s creativity.

Here is a quick look at the meanings of some of the popular bird tattoos:


Doves are depicted in the Holy Bible as emissaries of peace and love. Doves have been mentioned in numerous occasions in bible stories touching on key persons like Noah and John the Baptist. The dove, in each of the stories inspires hope, spreads love and teaches people of God’s grace. Apart from bringing out the spiritual symbolism, a dove tattoo may also represent purity, gentleness and femininity.


An eagle is known throughout history as a bird that majestically flies high and boasts of great power when it comes to hunting its prey. A typical eagle tattoo may represent strength, power, wisdom and spirituality. While it’s a common tattoo design among men, there are women who still wear it.


The hummingbird symbol was greatly used by the ancient Aztecs in making talismans, which were believed to bestow strength and vitality to the wearer. In the Caribbean, more particularly in Jamaica, the hummingbird symbolizes beauty, grace and love. It’s even included in monetary notes and official state documents. A hummingbird tattoo may represent passion, energy and vitality.


Despite its small size, a lark still manages to touch humanity with its beauty and spiritualism. It’s among the most popular designs worn by tattoo enthusiasts in Europe. The bird symbolizes the coming of dawn, good fortune and the rise of great opportunities.


An owl is a bird that possess multiple personalities. It’s insightful, wise yet mysterious at the same time. It’s also dreaded as a harbinger of death and misfortune. An owl tattoo may represent the ability to understand the mysteries of life and the urge to continuously seek knowledge and truth


These are by far the most used bird tattoo designs by women. You can always feel free to try out creative tattoos inspired by other birds like peacock, swan, crane, swallow, raven, ostrich and more. When well crafted, these tattoos can inspire beauty in women and bring out deeper meanings in a more vibrant manner. There can be no better way of expressing your personality or attitude than getting a bird tattoo.

Bird Tattoos for Women


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