Cool Knuckle Tattoos Ideas in 2021


Cool Knuckle Tattoos Ideas in 2021

Knuckle tattoos are a really interesting choice to go for. Why? Because tattoo designs on the knuckles of the hand are easily noticeable. You have a small space to go creative and if you ruin it then surely you will be made fun of. This is the reason why many people avoid tattoos on knuckles.

If you dare to go out of your comfort zone and want to have a remarkable knuckle tattoo then you are on the right page. I am sure that you already have the concept of your design in your mind. Since knuckle tattoos are easily spotted therefore many people already think and lock in the art that they want to try on their hands.

Knuckle Tattoo Ideas

These concepts can vary from quotes to emojis to symbols. Some really impressive styles that you can try are –

WORDS – You have 10 fingers. So if you are considering getting a word tattoo then make sure it is less than 10 letters. You can go for four-letter words on both knuckles or you can choose an 8 or 10 letter word for a complete knuckle tattoo.  Some of the most powerful and meaningful words that will suit knuckles are – Love, Life, Stay, Free, Wild, Born, Real, True, Baby, Cash, Deal, Done, Earn, Ever, Face, Fear, Feel, Food, Grow, Kill, Less, Like, Many, Most, Mood, Once, Okay, News, Paid, Pain, Past, Rock, Ship, Told, Tree, Year, Zero. 

You can make a combination of these words to make the tattoo meaningful. The more personalized tattoo it is the more beautiful it will look.

NUMBERS – Again you are limited to just 4 numbers. Therefore it is meaningful to go for a Birth year tattoo. You can get the year you were born tattooed on your knuckles. You can play around and get the number inked in roman numerals too. However, Simple number tattoos always look graceful.

NAMES –  Four-letter names will look surprisingly good on knuckles. If your name has exactly four letters then knuckles are the best place to get it inked. You can also ink the name of your loved one if they have a four-letter name.

Symbols and Emojis – Many people love to go offbeat and try unique designs. If you are one among them then symbol tattoos are for you. You can go for greek symbols or Egyptian symbols. You can give modern look to it by trying emojis tattoo on your knuckles. Since there are so many symbols and emojis therefore you have to choose the perfect symbols or emojis by yourself. Try something that defines your personality or makes you more mysterious.

Portraits – Have you ever come across a tiny portrait tattoo? If you have then you already know that tiny little portrait tattoos are among the most adorable designs. You can get a portrait of your loved one inked in tiny size on your knuckles. Many people opt for mini portraits of their favorite celebrities.

Knuckle Tattoo Designs

Knuckle Tattoos Meaning

What do knuckle tattoos represent? Each design will have a unique meaning. You can choose any meaningful design from this photo gallery and give a unique meaning to your knuckle tattoo. However, almost all knuckle tattoos symbolize one thing and that is minimalism.

Since knuckle tattoos acquire space lesser than the size of a penny therefore knuckles are often considered an ideal place for minimal tattoos.  You don’t have to get all the knuckles inked for a meaningful tattoo. There is much design where the tattoo looks exceptionally beautiful on just one or two knuckles.

Finger Letter Tattoo

Funny Knuckle Tattoos

Tattoos on Knuckles can be painful. So having a funny tattoo designs on knuckle would be sarcastic.

Good Knuckle Tattoos

Knuckle Tattoo Symbols

Knuckle Tattoo Fonts


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