Crazy Funny Chicken Legs Knee-High Novelty Socks


Womens Novelty Funny Crazy Socks – Pack Cool Funky Animal Cartoon Cosplay Chicken Leg Knee High Mid-calf Gift Socks

Chicken Leg Socks Exist,People Are Sharing Their Pictures

Did you ever dream to have chicken legs? Rejoice because your dream is about to come true. Well, sort of.Yoicy chicken leg socks is the closest thing you’ll ever get from having real chicken legs. Even when you’re not the biggest fan of fowls, these funny-looking socks are sure to be an eye-catcher. And if you’re looking for a perfect Halloween costume for the upcoming spooky season, these chicken leg socks can be your ideal piece of fashion.

Please, allow yourself to bask in the glory that is: YOICY CHICKEN LEG SOCKS

Ideal for any type of party – Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday, cosplay, or fancy dress party. This pair of chicken leg socks has woven (not printed) image of yellow chicken legs against a black fabric. The comical design will certainly make your legs appear leaner, like a fowl’s leg. It is made using cotton, polyester and spandex making it super lightweight and soft to the touch. Additionally, it uses breathable fabric to keep your feet cool in hot weather and warm in chilly weather. Its soft blend of fabrics also provides premium durability and smooth seam for added comfort.

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