Cute Nail Designs for Beginners


Cute Nail Designs for Beginners

These are quite easy to do, but you do need to buy some nail stripe strips to make it a simple and quick beauty task.  If you can’t get them locally, you can buy them online from any nail accessories/beauty web-store.

You can try with bits and bobs you find around the home, but they won’t stay in place. (I know because I tried with cotton thread and that didn’t work at all!) Nail accessory stripe-strips are specially treated to make them lie flat and still on nails while you paint over them.

How to do checked nails

  1. Start with a matte white base on your nails.  (Matte polish always dries faster than other types and peels less.)
  2. When the white nail polish has dried, place the special striping tapes on your nails using eyebrow tweezers in a horizontal and vertical checked pattern.
  3. Next apply the colour of your choice on top.
  4. Finally, remove the strips to reveal a fabulous geometric pattern on your nails.
  5. Wait until the varnish is dry and then seal with top coat.

And here are 10 cute nail designs, enjoy.


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