DIY Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar Ideas And Tutorials


DIY Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar Ideas And Tutorials

Advent Calendar is originate from the 19th century and were used as a method of counting down the days from the 1st December until Christmas day. According to the Austrian (NO) Landesmuseum, the first Advent Calendar was printed in the year 1903 . Long ago before the first advent calendar appeared, people welcome the holiday from December 1st with chalk on the doors of believers to count down the days to Christmas. Every morning you have the fun to find the pocket and seeing what’s hiding inside it. Advent Calendars are popular today mainly for children to expresses the sense of excitement and anticipation of the holiday season. They add magic and fun for the whole family and make a great family tradition for the holidays.

These are various of different advent calendars on display in shop from as early as October. Nou just advent calendars with chocolates, you can also buy ones that have a Christmas message or even a magnetic or wooden one is a pretty alternative to the chocolate one and will also last you for many more Christmas’s to come. If you are a craft lover, you can also make your own calendars with your endless creativity. Here we have these DIY Christmas countdown calendar ideas & tutorials. From balloon tree advent calendars and toilet paper roll advent calendar, to dollar store bucket Christmas advent calendar and felt tree and ornament calendar, these ideas are really interesting and creative.


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