How to bring wealth and prosperity in your life?


How to bring wealth and prosperity in your life?

7 faced Rudraksha connotes the symbol of Goddess Laksmi, who is related to purity and wealth. The goddess is shown sitting on a lotus and a bestowing coin of prosperity. Elephants flank showering her with water and in the process of symbolizing watering down the old memories and live in the present. One needs to rise above the daily hassles of their lives and build an environment to survive. Venus is the planet that is related to the 7 Mukhis and through it, one learns the inclinations, tastes, likes and dislikes that keep them happy. The planet is also associated with power and money. When you spot a 7 mukhirudraksha, love and wealth are bestowed upon a person by the grace of Venus and Mahalakshmi. One tends to prosper in their life and fame as well as name accompanies them.

How-to-bring-wealth-and-prosperity How to bring wealth and prosperity in your life?

The Rudraksha has seven lines on the surface, and the ruling planet is Saturn. Once you wear it, you are bound to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and eradicate the ill effects of Saturn. This Rudraksha is also beneficial in getting wealth and prosperity into one’s professional domain if it is used in combination with 8mukhirudraksha. Your blocked funds will be unblocked, and one can attract wealth. So this Rudraksha is considered to be beneficial for businessmen. According to ancient Vedictexts, there are 7 snakes that are residing in the 7 Rudrakshas, and therefore a person is prevented from any kind of poisoning. As it is blessed by a host of gods and goddess, name and fame are just a few days ahead.


  • New opportunities are provided in the domain of love, finance, and luck
  • The wearer becomes positive and free from all sufferings
  • Businessmen, servicemen along with public servants attain greater levels of success in their respective domains.
  • Overcomes the drastic effects of Saturn and the Sadi Sati period. It also helps an individual if he is under the major or minor affliction of Saturn
  • It is very helpful in reducing the muscular pain especially those who are affected with arthritis

If luck is eluding you and success is not your cup of tea, then wearing this Rudraksha is bound to help you as this will help one reduce the lack of poverty and helps one attain glory, fame in life. As the bead is considered to be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi, and one is known to worship her with Lord Ganesha, immense benefits are provided to the wearer of it.

If you are wearing it for the first time, you need to select an auspicious day and clean the Rudraksha in holy water and boiled milk. Then you need to apply it with sandalwood paste and place it in front of Lord Shiva. Close your eyes and with full devotion recite the Beej mantra of the Rudraksha 108 times. This procedure is referred to as creating a live energy with the Rudraksha. It helps the wearer to attract positive energy to his help.

However, before wearing it, one is recommended to seek the guidance of an expert for right knowledge and its effects.


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