How to Manufacture Women Leather Bags?


How to Manufacture Women Leather Bags

When things are expensive they become the status symbol. They are known for quality, convenience, durability and style. Many people think that when things are expensive they lack creativity. However some brands are known for the quality and durability. Take for example, women leather bags, they are quite expensive and they are also known for durability. Let us understand why they are expensive. Why they are considered as luxury items and why it is not easily affordable for common people? More than often for common people it is tough to understand why these items are so expensive and wonder for the reasons. This article is intended to satisfy their curiosity.   

How-to-Manufacture-Women-Leather-Bags How to Manufacture Women Leather Bags?

First of all it is necessary to understand why top brands are highly popular. They provide reliable products and maintain the quality throughout their business transactions. Therefore let us understand the process of costing.

Cost of raw materials: One might be interested to know how the prices are growing each and every year and how they are important for common people. Commodities like cotton, silk and leather are becoming expensive as years pass.  

Labour cost: As years pass, the cost of living is raising sharply therefore people are demanding rise in their wages. That means again the cost will be added on the goods. After all, everybody is here in the business to earn profits. As in every business it is common to add the cost of manufacturing plus certain amount of profit in order to run the business.  

Demography changes: In some countries cost of labour is comparatively higher than that of other countries. It is well known that in china cost of labour is highly inexpensive and they are providing edge over competition in almost all fields. Therefore it is easy to expect lower prices for their products for the same quality of goods available in other countries. It is also one of the major reasons for the cost difference found in various other fashion commodities. However sometimes consumers need to be highly careful with respect to the quality of the ingredients used by them.

Negligence of labour laws: In many western countries negligence of labour laws is a big offense and there is no excuse in the labour courts for the same. Owners and proprietors are punished stringently for any labour law negligence in the business or manufacturing units. Therefore, in most of the manufacturing units it is followed strictly so that they can work in compliance with the local laws and regulations.

Desirability: It is well known that when the things becomes highly exclusive and expensive people crave for such things. It will become a passion to own expensive items. For this reason only people buy extremely expensive items just to showcase them that they are capable of buying such items. More than often these products act as a status symbol and nothing more than that. Therefore it can be stated that due to the passion sometimes prices are kept high. One can never forget the prices of Audi car have proved this perception of human beings. They always like to own expensive things.  

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