How to Strobe Your Face


How to Strobe Your Face

Strobing, otherwise known as anti-contouring, involves strategically applying pale, shimmery color to your face in order to make your skin look as though it is glowing. If you’re interested in learning how to strobe your face to achieve a natural angelic glow, keep reading to find out helpful tips on this popular makeup trend.

Go Pale

When choosing a highlighter shade to strobe your face, don’t be afraid to pick a very pale shade in order to make your features stand out. If you have light skin already, pearl and pale champagne colors look great on you.

For medium-skinned beauties, try a pale pink to rose-toned highlighter. Ladies with skin tones that are very deep can go with more warm-toned shades like bronze and darker pinks, but should still rely on colors that are noticeably lighter than their natural skin tone in order to reap the full benefits of strobing.

Leave Sparkles For Sundown

You should strobe your face differently depending on where you’ll be going and what time you’ll be going there. If you want to achieve a natural, highlighted look for work or other standard daytime activities, stick with a luminescent matte powder that illuminates your skin without looking extremely shiny when the sunlight hits it.

If you’re going out to dinner, to a club, a party, or any other event that will take place after the sun goes down, you don’t have to worry about toning down the shimmer of your highlighter. For events after dark, you can strobe your face using a sparkly highlighter that won’t make you look greasy or sweaty in the sunlight.

Try Liquid For Subtlety

If you want to strobe your face without looking excessively shimmery, invest in a liquid highlighter formula.

Liquid highlighters can be applied directly to your skin and offer a more subtle finish than powder highlighters. You can also blend them with your foundation or primer for an even lighter glowing hint.

Strobe The Right Spots

You should never apply highlighter all over your face unless you want to look like you’ve been sweating all day. There are certain places you should highlight and others you should leave matte.

To put it simply, you should strobe the higher places on your face. These areas include the tops of your cheekbones up to your temples, your brow bone, just above your eyebrows, and down the center of your forehead.

Add Bronzer

If you feel a little ghost-like after you’ve applied your highlighter, you can add extra definition to your look with bronzer.

Carefully apply your favorite bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks and blend it into your highlighter to add some warmth and color to your glowing skin.

Strobe Your Eyelids

You can add extra shimmer and glow to your look by strobing your eyelids as well as your face. Just use a darker shade of highlighter and apply and blend it into your eyelids as you would eyeshadow to achieve an extra shimmery finish.

Dampen For More Intensity

If you’re hoping to achieve a really intense glow, dampen your brushes before using them to apply your highlighter. Just run the brushes under water and towel dry them to remove excess liquid.

The dampness of the brushes will help the highlighter adhere to your skin more easily for a long-lasting, extreme glow.

If you strobe your face incorrectly, you can end up looking like a disco ball, which is not altogether desirable. Use the tips in this post to learn how to strobe your face to achieve a flawless finish with the perfect amount of glow.


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