How to Wear a Suit?


Don’t Button Every Button

Two-Button Jacket
Only button the top button. Never button both buttons.

Three-Button Jacket

Always remember this saying: “Sometimes, always, never.” You can sometimes get away with buttoning the top button; always button the middle button; but never ever button the bottom button.

Take off your Jacket

Button when standing and unbutton when sitting. Take off your jacket if you will be sitting for a while or if you’re doing something with a lot of arm movement. One of the first places your jacket wears out is under the arms — the more the fabric rubs together, the faster this will happen.

Cut Out Extra Stitching

Ever seen that mysterious “x” sewn on the butt of a jacket? It’s there to hold the jacket vents together during shipping. Leaving that stitching in is as bad as leaving the tags on your clothes.
How-to-Wear-a-Suit How to Wear a Suit?
Jacket with no functional pockets? Odds are they are sewn shut, again, for shipping reasons. Pocket stitching is a little trickier to take out. Be careful to only cut the threads holding the pocket shut and not the actual jacket. Use a pocket knife or seam ripper not a razor blade. Razors make it really easy to slip and cut the jacket. When in doubt, take it to any tailor or alterations shop.

Don’t Stuff your Pockets

When your pockets are stuffed, the extra weight makes the jacket bulge and droop awkwardly, making you look ridiculous.

Hang it Up

Always hang up your suit after you wear it. Between the fabric and the lining of your jacket is a layer of canvassing. The more you wear the jacket, the more that canvassing molds to your body, similar to how shoes are broken in and mold to your feet. When you leave the jacket crumpled on the ground, it ruins this process.

Give it a Rest

If you want your suit to last, let it rest for about a week after wearing it. This means that if you wear a suit everyday for work, you should have at least 5 different suits. Wearing the same few suits every single day is a good way to blow through some cash quick.


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