How To Wear Grey Blazers In 2018


How To Wear Grey Blazers In 2018

How would you wear your grey blazer next 2018? Today’s topic is all about chic outfit ideas that can make your grey blazer stand out from the crowd. Grey is a perfect color for cold season days. Many women consider this hue to be pretty boring unless you wear a grey suit jacket. Read on to find some inspiring ways to wear a grey blazer in real life.

As we have already figured out, grey is a neutral shade that goes with any other color, that’s why you definitely should give it a try. It ideally matches black, nude, white, mustard, navy, burgundy, etc. I love to see women who pair grey blazers with classic blue jeans, either with classy white shirts and slim black pants, but you can try it on over dusty pink dresses, or leather pants. By the way, grey can be found in many shades, from pastel to dark charcoal hues. So there is definitely a grey blazer for everyone’s taste. Everything depends on the style you like: it can be retro-inspired, military shaped, classy, slim, oversized, etc. You can even pull off an all grey outfit, creating a cool monochrome grey colored suit. Anyway, let’s have a look at some of my favorite outfit ideas completed with a grey blazer. Enjoy!

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