Lovely Polka Dot Nail Designs


Lovely Polka Dot Nail Designs

Girls always want to look pretty and lovely in front of people. You can wear perfect makeup, hairstyles and beautiful dresses. Also, your nails will play an important part for your beauty. Painting your nails can be quite interesting and fun and one of the most popular nail designs for girls is the polka dot themed nails. Check out lovely polka dot nail designs in this post and be ready to get inspired!

You can choose any nail polish color as the base color for your polka dot nail design. Make sure the base coat get totally dry before you move to the next step. A lot of tools like toothpicks, pencils and cotton tips will help you to paint the cute polka dots on your nails. As the last step, you should top your nails with a clear polish to keep your design last longer.


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