Marriages Are Made In Heaven, But Diamond Engagement Rings Are Made On Earth


Marriages Are Made In Heaven, But Diamond Engagement Rings Are Made On Earth

Marriages are so much fun! More than the marriage, it is the ceremonies that make the marriage even more engrossing. The engagement ceremony, the dance parties, the cocktail parties, the invites, the trousseau, the planning, shopping and shopping for a diamond engagement ring, well that gives a different high altogether.

Diamond-Engagement-Rings Marriages Are Made In Heaven, But Diamond Engagement Rings Are Made On Earth

Where to get the best diamond engagement ring in USA?

One of the most cherished possession for a bride and groom are their engagement rings. And one of the most important occasions for the bride and the groom are going shopping for their diamond engagement rings.

Obviously, when it comes to an engagement ring, nothing can beat a diamond engagement ring. The oomph and class that a diamond brings to a ring is unsurpassable. If you happen to live in the US, you are in for some luck, for Town Square Jewelers, one of the best jewelers, makes gorgeous engagement rings.

What kind of designs are available?

There is no limit to the designs that one can get for one’s engagement rings. However, it all depends on where you are buying from, plus your choice and your budget. Some of the choices that you get are:

  • Two stone rings
  • Three stone rings
  • Halo style rings
  • Rings with side stones
  • Rings with accented stones
  • Solitaire rings
  • Ring enhancers

So, once you set out to buy your engagement ring, you will be spoilt for choices. With a good jewelry store, you could even customize your ring.

Should you buy from a retail shop or an online store?

You can buy from either. All major jewelry brands, now a days, have their online stores. So, whether you go to the retail outlet or buy from their online store, it is the same. Same variety and same make will be found on both, retail and online outlets.

In fact, there are more designs to be seen on the online stores. All the same, the retail outlets definitely have the advantage of feel and touch immediately. But it all depends on your own convenience.

The end result is the same.

What should you look for before buying?

The main thing to look for before making a purchase for your engagement ring is your budget, but here is a checklist that could help you when you go shopping for the engagement ring.

  1. Be clear about your budget, when buying one’s engagement ring, it is advisable to have a slightly higher budget.
  2. Designs, sometimes, what looks good in the shop, does not look all that great on the finger. So, try and only then decide. Avoid buying anything intricate or uncomfortable as you will not be able to wear it all the time then. However, if the idea is to flaunt the engagement ring, regardless of the comfort then buy whatever.
  3. Authenticity, your only claim to authenticity is certification. Make sure that the jeweler, you buy the engagement ring from provides you with a proper certificate for the ring that you purchase.
  4. Size, buy the right size. Do not buy anything tight, hoping to lose weight later. If that does not happen, you will have to wear an uncomfortable ring.

An engagement ring is a big thing; don’t settle for anything but the best. Why should you too, after all you are paying for it! So get your money’s worth by buying something that holds value to you for years to come by. Something that you can pass on to your children and something that becomes precious to them as well.


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