Most Popular 5 Hair Styles for Teenage Men


Most teenage men focus on their hair and their grooming routine is complex. It is not at all easy to get hair looking great but everything starts with picking a style that looks great.

Every single one of the hair styles for teenage men mentioned below can look stunning. You can easily combine them with accessories to make the look complete. Just make sure that the hair styles match your face shape and your overall style, the one you like using for clothes.

Most Popular 5 Hair Styles for Teenage Men

This is great for parties or going to college. It simply always works and makes you look as if you are dressed up for basically all possible occasions.

You want to apply products like matte on your wet hair, right after showering. Use a comb to part the hair at the body’s natural parting. Start combing everything sideways and comb your frontal hair towards your back. Do this slightly. Use as much matte as you need based on the desired sleekness.

For years now, the spiky hairstyle was preferred by teenage guys. It is not at all hard to understand why this is the case. You can so easily style the hair with some patience and some chemicals.

Spikes are usually much better with the use of matte, not hair gel. Choose a product that is perfect for your hair type so you can easily twist everything in the desired shape. It is actually really simple to get spikes if you just use the right products.

This is very popular because many celebrities use the hair style. What many do not know is that it is also a style that is very easy to get. You can quickly end up with a sleek, classy hairstyle that offers that bad-boy look so many teenagers want.

What you want to do is to do the same thing as with the popular side-parted hair style. The exception is that the hair is pushed back. Just add some matter over hair when it is wet and then push it back with a comb.

This hair style relies on curly hair that is grown down the neck’s back area. It offers that Jon Snow-style look while not needing much maintenance.

The simplicity of getting this hair style is usually surprising for many. Just grow the curly hair and then keep it groomed and combed. You can combine it with a beard for an overall perfect appearance.

Many kids and teenagers love fade hair styles right now. They offer a boyish appearance while putting in that punk element that many youngsters love. You can wear it during winter and summer.

The fade hair style is not easy to do alone. You will need to go to a stylist. It is tricky to trim the hair at the appropriate levels so you can end up with a cut that actually looks great.


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