Best Prom Dresses for 2015


Best Prom Dresses for 2015

Junior and senior years of high school are a special time. From homecoming to graduation, these 2 years are punctuated with noteworthy events, but none are as memorable as prom. For many young women, prom is so much more than a chance to dress up. It is a singular occasion that marks a transition from adolescence to adulthood. Young women spend months deciding where to buy prom dresses and then searching for and choosing just the right dress and accessories for the big night, and those who are looking ahead to 2015’s prom season should look for glamour, sophistication, and elegance, as well as modern adaptations of classic, feminine prom looks.

One of the most classically feminine looks is lace. Whether it is a touch of lace application, sheer lace illusion, or a full-blown lace gown, this ultra-feminine look for evening dress that reappeared on the runways in 2014 is here to stay. For the prom-goer searching for a trendy take on this classic, look for jewel-toned dresses with lace and longer hemlines.
Best-Prom-Dresses-1 Best Prom Dresses for 2015
Dramatic cuts and cut outs have made a reappearance for prom in 2015. Dramatic backs, cut-outs, and edgy slits can all add a touch of sexiness to a sophisticated look. To be sure that the sexiness remains elegant and tasteful, choose a dress that focuses on a single dramatic cut instead of incorporating cut-outs, a low back, and a high slit.
Best-Prom-Dresses-2 Best Prom Dresses for 2015
For a truly feminine look, a girl can’t beat a chiffon skirt. With beautiful draping and an ethereal flow, chiffon recalls an old Hollywood glamour that is perfect for this prom season.
Best-Prom-Dresses-3 Best Prom Dresses for 2015
Tasteful touches of sequins and jewels will make any teenage girl feel like prom royalty. Combine a little bling with a few other trends, such as a dramatic back, a high neckline, and a lace overlay, and this dress is sure to turn heads on the big night.
Best-Prom-Dresses-4 Best Prom Dresses for 2015
To balance cut-outs, dramatic backs, and high slits, many choices for prom 2015 have higher necklines. Look for halter tops and sheer overlays that add interest and elegance.
Best-Prom-Dresses-5 Best Prom Dresses for 2015
Color trends are some of the most significant fashion changes from year to year. This season look for light and lovely versions of nude and champagne to add an element of class and sophistication. These creamy colors are the perfect backdrop for the other trends, complimenting a touch of sparkle and a breath-taking cut.
Best-Prom-Dresses-6 Best Prom Dresses for 2015
In addition to champagne and nude, prom shoppers are going to see a rainbow of jewel tones this season. Cranberry, emerald, and navy all add richness and vibrancy to a look and compliment the sophistication of the season.
Best-Prom-Dresses-7 Best Prom Dresses for 2015
On par with the old Hollywood vibe and the quest for glamour, hemlines are dropping significantly this season. Many dresses will reach the floor or incorporate a theatrical high-low design to add visual interest and a beautiful flow.
Best-Prom-Dresses-8 Best Prom Dresses for 2015
When deciding on a final look for prom this season, young women should consider carefully their best attributes and choose the trends that accentuate them. Try on everything; be open to the possibilities of a new, glamorous air for the special day. No matter what dress one chooses, wear it with confidence and smile!

Author Bio: Laura Jackson is a well-known dress designer that had her start from various clothing companies. She is a skilled designer, great at conceptualizing, producing, tailoring, and has a strong on fashion trends. After years of climbing through the ranks and gaining experience, she landed a job as a Senior Wedding Dress Designer at Vogue Season, one of Hong Kong’s leading online wedding dress shops.


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