Suitable Bangs Styles for Women with Square Faces


Suitable Bangs Styles for Women with Square Faces

Bangs can be a very good and practical option for square faces. Bangs are cute, sweet and always trendy. Every year the world goes crazy for at least one hairstyle with bangs. But at the end of the day, the best thing to do is to go for a hairstyle that best suits your face shape and taste.

That is why we have prepared best bangs hairstyles for women with square faces along with a few additional tips.

Best Bangs for Women with Square Face

If you don’t want to experiment too much, a safe choice that would definitely look amazing are asymmetrical, side-swept bangs. These will make your forehead look less wide and soften your facial features.

Another good choice is bangs that are thinned out. That way you avoid that boxy effect that bangs can have while also covering the forehead.

But if you are a fan of bangs and you’re not insecure about your face shape, go with straight bangs that are cut diagonally on the sides. They are extremely sexy and they will emphasize your features beautifully.

How to Style Bangs for Square Faces with Glasses

Think about the little details. If you want to wear glasses and bangs, and you have a square face, you should find a proper way to match them together.

Tip 1: Choose the right shape of glasses. You can’t change the shape of your face, and why would you want to when so many women would kill for that sexy, strong jawline? But you can make sure that the other lines framing your face are soft to contrast the harsher lines.

Choose glasses that are more oval or round, and make sure they are not too big so that your face can still come through.

Tip 2: Speaking of avoiding harsh lines – opt for bangs that have some texture to them. They could be asymmetrical, messy, or simply thin, but definitely try to avoid those perfectly straight, thick bangs, as combined with glasses they might not look so flattering.

Tip 3: Add some texture to your hair too. Add some gentle, natural waves, a bun, a half updo, or whatever comes to mind. Your hair doesn’t have to be straightened to perfection.

How to Style Bangs for Square Face with a Bigger Forehead

Bangs in almost any form is good for covering a bigger forehead. Especially on square faces, a bigforehead could look a bit problematic.

One good tip to keep in mind though is that your bangs should start right from your hairline because if they start behind your hairline, they might make your forehead look even bigger. French cut bangs is suitable for women with big or long forehead.

Prettiest Bangs Styles for Square Faces

Here are we have handpicked 12 beautiful bangs styles that go well with a square face. Check out the following styles:


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