Superb Short Shag Haircuts


Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Short shag haircuts are one of the most popular looks for this season – so great news for trendy, but lazy, girls! Shags should look tousled and almost ‘bed-head’, so if you like a style you can just finger-brush in the morning, you must get a snazzy, short shag haircuts!


A great shag hairstyle has fantastic, chiselled layering and razored texture – giving you the chance to show your wild and carefree side! But short shaggy bobs can also be worn in softer styles, with just a few flicked-up wisps framing the face.

Chic-Everyday-Hairstyle-for-Short-Hair Superb Short Shag Haircuts
Rock Chic – Shaggy Bob

Try an edgy shag style, cut into lots of layers to produce a highly textured finish and with a long, thick fringe. This is a great look for thick hair on square or oblong face shapes.

You can accentuate the layers by adding both highlights and lowlights for a densely textured, super-trendy look!

Inverted-Bob-Hairstyles-Superb-Short-Shag-Haircuts Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Tip: Vary the style by not straightening naturally wavy hair, for a softer look that also shows off the amazing cutting technique.

Softly shaggy rounded bob + fringe

Short shag haircuts don’t have to be sassy and spiky, of course, and you can get a lot of very pretty looks. For example, a chin-length shag suits almost all women and all ages, and with beautifully tapered tips producing lots of wispy strands around the face, you’ll create a gentler image.

Short-Hairstyle-for-Fine-Hair-Cute-Hairstyles-for-Girls-2015 Superb Short Shag Haircuts
Long or square face shapes

This is a great way to soften strong features and can be a very effective hairstyle to balance out a long face – if cut with a long fringe – and a square face – with the sides styled for rounded volume. This shag works well on fine to thick hair and naturally straight hair keeps it easy to style.

Raquel-Welch-Hairstyle-Short-Haircuts-for-Women-Over-40-50 Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Flirty layers in short shag haircuts

We love the flicked-up short shags, which can do wonders to balance out long, thin and heart-shaped faces! If you style the layers to flick up at the sides, each strand will create added width wherever you need it.

Blunt-Shag-Bob-Haircut Superb Short Shag Haircuts

You can widen narrow cheekbones with flicks at cheek-level and a pointed chin will look wider with layers cut to flick away from the face at chin level.

Cute-Short-Haircut-for-Heart-Face-Shape-Superb-Short-Shag-Haircuts Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Cute-Short-Shag-Haircuts Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Messy-Short-Haircut-for-Blonde-Hair-Trendy-Short-Shag-Hairstyles Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Pretty-Shag-Pixie-Cut-Short-Haircuts-for-Girls Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Shaved-Haircut-for-Short-Hair-Cute-Pixie-Hairstyles-for-Girls-2015 Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Short-Hairstyle-for-Women-Over-40-Superb-Short-Shag-Haircuts Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Short-Shag-Haircuts-with-Bangs Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Short-Shag-Hairstyles-for-Older-Women Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Stylish-Short-Shag-Hairstyle-Ideas Superb Short Shag Haircuts

Work-Hairstyles-for-Short-Hair-Women-Haircuts Superb Short Shag Haircuts



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