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These 80s Hairstyles Are Back for 2024

by Anna
80s inspired textured mohawk fishtail braid

These 80s Hairstyles Are Back – But In A New and Fresh Way for 2024!

We’re taking a nostalgic trip back to the vibrant 80s, an era famous for its neon lights and iconic hairstyles. Our guide on this journey down memory lane is Lola Salazar, a seasoned hairstylist with expertise across various styles and hair types. Get ready for a radical adventure as we explore the expressive and spectacular world of 80s hair, guided by Lola’s insights.

Lola first dispels a common myth, stating that 80s hairstyles are for everyone and all hair types. However, she emphasizes one key factor: height. It’s not a low-maintenance style; it requires daily attention.

Offering expert advice, Lola guides on matching 80s hairstyles to different face shapes. Layers can provide a natural lift for round or square faces, while shoulder-length or medium-length hair works best for long or oval faces. The goal is to maintain balance so that the face doesn’t get lost in the hair.

However, Lola encourages breaking free from constraints. According to her, “ANYONE can rock ANYTHING as long as they have enough confidence.”

If you’re opting for an 80s style, be prepared to invest time. Lola is straightforward – this style isn’t for those seeking quick and easy hair care. She shares top tips for adding volume, such as using a blow dryer with your head upside down. Teasing your hair and generous use of hairspray contribute to the desired lift.

Lola recommends volume powder as a magic formula to maintain your style all day. Remember, it’s not a wash-and-go style; hairspray and a teasing brush are essential. With Lola’s expert tips, you’re sure to turn heads with your 80s style!

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