Top Male Athlete Haircuts to Emulate in 2016


Top Male Athlete Haircuts to Emulate in 2016

Male athletes are considered to be celebrities in their own right because of their extraordinary achievements in the sports arena. These athletes are involved in a variety of sports activities resulting in a loyal fan base both on and off the pitch. However, their adoring fans are not limited to those that watch them participate in different activities but extend to those that admire their fashion sense. It is not uncommon to find men, both young and old emulating the personal styles of well-known male athletes. Even so, the most common aspect of their appearance that is constantly imitated is their varied haircuts which most barbers are able to replicate. Below are some haircuts that we are likely to see in 2016 that have been seen on famous male athletes.

Man bun Haircut

Man-bun-Haircut Top Male Athlete Haircuts to Emulate in 2016
This haircut is a different look from those often seen on male athletes but is surprisingly gaining popularity among sports fans. Men with long hair can easily get this haircut done because they do not have to wait for their hair to grow out. The basic look involves pulling back of the hair and tying it at the back of the head so that it reveals the forehead. Alternatively, you can choose the version of the haircut whereby the lower part of the head is shaved clean and the remaining hair tied into a bun at the top.

Undercut Haircut

Male athletes that have been seen sporting the undercut haircut are quite a number making it quite popular. However, as expected the style was personalized especially at the top which gave them a chance to express themselves while still incorporating the basics of the hairstyle such as tapered sides and back of the head.  Having this haircut done by a barber will place you at the same level with many athletes across the world.

Mid length Haircut

Mid-length-Haircut Top Male Athlete Haircuts to Emulate in 2016
The disheveled appearance of this mid length haircut is the reason for its selection as a style that is likely to be seen in 2016. Apart from maintaining it by cutting the hair to a certain length it is quite easy to maintain as it only need regular washing and conditioning using high quality products. For men with wavy hair, this look is quite ideal as it allows them to keep their natural look and still look stylish.

Mohawk fade Haircut

The fade haircut is definitely going to continue trending in 2016 but the Mohawk style will be the one being emulated the most. Most kids haircuts for the new year have various versions of this particular fade in response to the one seen on many male athletes. The haircut involves the cutting of the hair at the sides of the head so that it is shorter than the hair left at the top of the head that runs from the front to back. This haircut can be personalized by having an engraving done on one side or both sides of the head.

All in all, getting these haircuts seen on male athletes replicated to your satisfaction will need the services of an experienced barber.


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