Top Spring Summer 2016 Makeup and Hair Trends


Top Spring Summer 2016 Makeup and Hair Trends

The runways on the latest fashion weeks were filled with various mighty trends we are all going to love in the spring and during the whole summer. From bright red lips to electric blue eyes and dramatic lashes alongside many glitter, these fashion shows sure brought in many changes in comparison to the previous season. We will definitely going to forget about no-makeup makeup and go for something bold. Hairstyles are as versatile as ever and girls are going to love what the designers have prepared for them.
cover Top Spring Summer 2016 Makeup and Hair Trends

Hair Trends

Braids are having a real comeback this season. A true confident and sexy look, women will achieve with a single braid down the back with a slick hair from the scalp down. This is going to be a real treat for all the braid lovers.
braids Top Spring Summer 2016 Makeup and Hair Trends
Buns are still going to be very popular, especially low ones. Girls who prefer a little more romantic and delicate style, this hairstyle is the one for them. They are perfect for both a lunch with friends and for a black tie company event. For a total on-trend look, go for stylish embroidered hair clips to achieve a classic yet trendy bun hairstyle.

Ponytails are also the dominant hairstyle we are going to love this spring. A loose ponytail with a part centered only to middle of the head is the perfect for beautiful feminine and classy women. Furthermore, a hair can be blow-dried at the crown for an extra thoughtful and modern look. It will be the perfect hairstyle for the windy weather, because it will help you have the hair in one place and not all over your face. Don’t forget to find a good hair styling spray for a perfect sleek look. Hairsprays such as the ones Amika offers are every hair stylist’s choice.
messy-hair Top Spring Summer 2016 Makeup and Hair Trends
The messy hair look can be leave a sexy, edgy, mysterious but still extravagant impressions leave on others. It’s a huge hit this season. Whether you have them is a stylish messy lob haircut  or a classic pixie cut just below the cheeks, sleek side-swept or blunt you will not go wrong either way. For styling this look go for all organic and natural products such as Theorie hairstyling products which can be found over Alive Skin+Hair website on reasonable prices.

Make-up Trends

spring_summer_2016_makeup_trends_fashionisers Top Spring Summer 2016 Makeup and Hair Trends
When it comes to make-up, classic red lipstick is inevitable this year. The one with orange or blue undertones, the choice is up to you. Determine what the tone of your complexion is and based on that choose the perfect shade of red lipstick.

A blue eyeshadow has never been more popular than now. A smoky look with sparkly navy eyeshadow and a hint of eyeliner is what makes the ultimate eye-catching make-up. Furthermore, you can go for light blue sparkly shade for a little less edgy look. For the pure and sensual look, shades of light peach and pink are the best spring make-up touch.
make-up Top Spring Summer 2016 Makeup and Hair Trends
The summer make-up is all about sun kissed look. If you wish to achieve the never-ending summer look, the bronzer alongside highlighter and a little blush is all you need. Highlighter will give the perfect glow to your face, and thanks to the bronzer the face will have the ultimate sun kissed touch.

This year less is more when it comes to mascara. However, the vast majority of girls cannot even imagine a day without a lash curler and a mascara, so a touch of it is perfectly fine.

This spring we are in for a treat. From so many elegant hairstyles and sensual make-up, all of these trends are going to bring up the real feminine side of every women.


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