Top winter destinations in India


Top winter destinations in India

There are many winter destinations in a tropical place like India. The scene is completely true for a place like India. With the arrival of summers, people have plans in place for some hill stations. The cool altitude makes the unbearable heat of the plains somewhat forgotten and the absolute bliss of the welcome winter is pretty much on.
Top-winter-destinations-in-India Top winter destinations in India

Mount Abu

Popular as the only hill station of Rajasthan, the place is known for the old temples and scenic appeal. It is a centre of cultural activities. It is a place where people find complete peace of mind. Mount Abu is a part of the Aravali Hills, and the place is bestowed with natural beauty for tourists coming to Jaipur and Rajasthan.


The capital of Himachal Pradesh is among the well-known winter places in India. Tourists who visit this place acquaint with the tourist spots like Shimla State Museum, Tara Devi Temple and many others. The place can be reached by air, railways and roads. The place remains crowded for most of the summer and winter months.

It is during the winters that the temperature reaches freezing point and one needs to be properly protected. So one could buy mufflers online India as the perfect winter wear as it protects the back of your neck and head in the best possible manner. You can venture out in the cold without any fear of catching cold or flu.


Situated in the Southern part of the country, the place is no stranger to most of us and is referred to as God’s Own Country. Spa, popular beaches, backwaters and many tourist destinations like Munnar, Kochi are integral of any tour of Kerala. One can also choose to visit the place in a particular time like the Elephant festival. The cultural insights of the place are a famous crowd puller for the local and international tourists.


It is one of the 8 union territories of India, and in recent times, is gaining popularity for its tourism than ever before. It is very near to the southern coast of Gujarat, the place has strong in roots with the Portuguese culture. The town of Diu hosts the Diu Fort and an Old Portuguese Cathedral, which are popular tourist attractions of this place. You can enjoy the beach here.

Corbett National Park

Located near Naintal, this place is a popular destination for enjoying wild life tourism. This is obviously the main attraction. Jeep rides are also there, but one can imagine that there will be more fun to do. It is not good to visit in monsoon, but the summers and winters are really enjoyable in this part of the world.



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