Upcoming Fashion Legging Trends for 2015


Upcoming Fashion Legging Trends for 2015

If you were like me and a bit worried that leggings would not be on trend this season (not that it would have stopped me from wearing them) then worry no longer!  Leggings are here to stay!  There were so many variations on leggings seen on the 2015 fashion runways and they are chicer than ever.

The Marc Jacobs collection showcased beautiful leggings that were color blocked worn with high slit maxi dresses.  Color blocking leggings can also be seen in Nicole Ghesquiere collection for Louis Vuitton.  There were knitted leggings that looked as comfy as they were gorgeous.  Knitted pieces are a huge trend this upcoming winter season.  On the Stella McCartney runway, she perfected the all black layered look with chic black leggings.  Chanel put their own twist by showcasing leggings with tennis shoes topping off the look with chunky strands of wrap around pearls.  The amount of times leggings were seen on the runway is justification that this is a fashion trend no more and has become a fashion staple.
leggings-2015 Upcoming Fashion Legging Trends for 2015
Much of the overall fashion trends this season sports heavy and bulky layers.  These can be created with oversize coats, capes or overly fluffy furs.  They are also seen in oversize dresses and heavy, chunky tops.  It is only fitting that legging tights work best in creating a balance with this trend.

Leggings started to make a reemergence from when they had first gotten their traction in the 80s.  This 80s revival trend for 2015 just pushes leggings as a fashion staple even more.  You will see now that leggings will have bright colors similar to avant pop with eye catching prints and striking patterns.  There will be more paneled leggings as well such as a black with a thin bright blue strip running down the middle.

There will also be a trend towards pastels and softer tones.  Romantic and flirty feel textiles will still be very popular for 2015.  We will see more floral, feminine prints on leggings with maybe hints of lace.  Keep your eye out for cherry blossoms to romantic blooms as the most popular of prints.

In the younger market trends, you will find a surge in athletic wear – perfect for leggings.  This Phys Ed theme has been seen on the runways of DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci.  Like previous mentioned, color blocking as well as a stripe or varsity numbers will embellish these pieces.

It looks like 2015 is going to be a versatile, colorful year in fashion!


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